Year of Intentional Living

Today was DAY 1 of a year long journey that both myself and my suite mate Lois are embarking on. What journey do I speak of? A year of living with intention, being totally present, and totally reliable on the Lord. A year off from dating and anything associated with such matters, to focus solely on Jesus and to become the person he has called us to be.

I first heard of this challenge as I sat and listened to an archived message by Pastor Jeremy from Hope City. He spoke of how most of the time we don’t take the time to become complete and satisfied with only the Lord and instead we go looking for others to fill the holes in our hearts. He challenged single people to take a year to intentionally seek after the Lord and get one on one with him before we even think of pursuing something more with someone else. This lodged itself in my heart and I started to pray about it before just jumping in because it seemed like a “cool concept”. Three days later, one night at 2 am, both Lois and I looked at each other and agreed that this was something we needed to pursue.

That is how I’m here now, with a cup of tea in hand and the desire to share this with others that might need to hear about this challenge as well. It’s not something I take lightly and I know the Devil ain’t gonna like that I desire to pursue Jesus with every fiber of my being. I’m ready. I’m ready for a year of change. I’m ready for a year of constant immersion in the Lord. I’m ready to take a stand in my faith in a world full of confusion. I’m ready for a year full of lessons to be learned. There will be rough patches, there will be moments where I can’t capture my thoughts, and there will be moments when I feel even my best efforts aren’t enough. There will also be moments full of joy, there will be changes in how I carry myself, I will learn much more than I expect, and there will be moments where I know that putting the Lord above all else is beyond worth it.

I’m ready.





P.S. That being said I have also decided, among many other things, that I will not be on social media for the year. I will be chronicling my experiences and every so often posting about the highlights and the low lights on here, but any advertisement of my blog post you may see is all automatic. I hope y’all stick with me this year and I can’t wait to share all God is doing.

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  1. b. says:

    Your heart is beautiful, Emma! My only disagreement is that you are not half a person—God does not make us halfway, only to be completed by another. You are whole as you are, but if God has ordained for you to marry, then you will join with him and create a completely different and wonderful bond.

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    1. Yes, I didn’t write that properly but he was speaking of how we don’t take time to become complete by ourselves with the Lord and so we go around looking for someone else to fill the holes in our hearts.


  2. Thank you for catching that, I was writing late at night and didn’t think of coherent sentence structure


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