Today not Tomorrow

December 10, 2016

‘We worry about tomorrow like it’s promised’ 

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin” -Mother Theresa

“Live for today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to tomorrow” -John Reyes

I adore that last quote: Inhabit your moments. This whole ‘today not tomorrow’ concept is something I always have struggled with to some extent. Not only emotionally and mentally has it affected me, but also spiritually. The Lord has called me to live in this new day and to have a spirit of thanksgiving. More often than not though I find myself living in tomorrow or even in months in the future. The Lord hasn’t even promised me tomorrow! By living in the future I ignore the blessings of today. I become discontented and even unhappy with who I am in this exact moment.

This is crucial, not only for life in itself, but especially for the season I’m currently in. I have become lazy with my appreciation for what God has given me, for I look to all my future plans and all that could come from them. I look at this year of celebrating all that comes from my single season and simply brush it off in wait for the end of the year to approach. I look in the mirror and think “maybe in a few months I’ll be where I want to be”, forgetting to love myself here and now.

This mindset, this way of living, is a life bound in chains of ‘if only’ and ungratefulness. Granted that is a strong accusation, for there are many moments we can wait with joyful expectation for all that God has promised. But if we sit here and ignore what God has given us today and look to tomorrow in hopes of it fixing everything, then we have shifted our focus from the Lord and onto worldly things. God calls us to a life of freedom in who He is, not one of fear and worry and discontentment.

I’m learning, slowly but surely and continuously. It’s a never ending process, full of frustration and God’s love and grace (thank you Jesus). Learning to let God live in my today with me, not just some being to take my problems of tomorrow. Learning to live intentionally with what has been given to me. {Post-it notes are a for sure help when I’m needing to be reminded to be grateful and to love myself and all that God has made me to be.}

Remember to take a moment today and look at all God has given you and just be thankful for another day. I know it’s sometimes easier said than done, but let us seize the day and conquer it for the Lord’s glory!

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