8 Vessels of Crazy

My dad talks a lot about what our lineage is going to be like, starting at us and then our kids and so forth. He is so pumped for all God has planned for our family! Speaking of family, wow I love them. I’m not good at showing it and I spent years pushing to get out of the house and if I ever expressed my gratitude to my mom over text, I can guarantee she’d text something along the lines of “What are you smoking?”.

Other than me, in my direct family, there are eight other crazy Hales. One across the world in Kuwait and the other seven back in Fort Hood holding down the home-front. And man my family is fierce, full of spunk, loud beyond audible measure, and full of love. We fight a lot, we get in each others business, we say things we don’t mean, and slam plenty of doors. We also laugh a lot. We can go from being seriously angry at each other to Gage making some play on words sending us into fits of giggles. We stand by the saying “Only I can pick on my siblings, if you try it you better watch your back”.

My mother is one of the strongest people I know. She has gone through ten pregnancies, if you count the littles in heaven, and still looks incredible. She has stood strong in times when money wasn’t in abundance. She has weathered kitchen renovation delays, still feeding six mouths and having to wash dishes in a bath tub. She’s moved across the US twice- once with a three month old child. She’s waited patiently with my dad in many years of waiting for the calling to the army. She has cried for us and loved on us even if we were yelling as hard as we could at her. She weathered my many years of crazy and still handles the repercussions with grace and love. She rarely gets a moment of quiet, but still pushes through. She seeks God with all of her heart and pushes us to do the same. Now she’s essentially a single mother, with six kids, with her husband being halfway across the globe. My mother is incredible and funny and loving and irritating and all together a wonderful woman. I couldn’t be more grateful for the mom God has given me.

My father is the standard I hold all other men up to. He’s our rock and loves only like the Lord can. He cultivates an environment of honor and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. He chases after the Lord, literally sometimes runs, with all of his heart. He wishes to see his daughters with Godly men and to see his sons be Godly men. He is so levelheaded, but ain’t afraid to challenge someone with the truth. He’s worked job after job, lots of them with his bare hands. He has stood as a leader in the church and was someone people could trust and look up to. He loves my mother like no other and protects her as such. He always provides and trusts that God will provide even when he can’t. He has also waited many many years to fulfill the calling God has for his life. Now he serves with the men and women of our country all the way in Kuwait. He’s already changing the atmosphere there, making it one of joy and honor, which I could clearly see in those soldiers within one phone call. Though I share physical looks with my mother, my dad has introduced me to many of my favorite foods and knife throwing and how to push it in a workout. There’s no other man that I’d want to be my father and no other person that I’d want to share the same hailstorm life prophecy with. He’s incredible.

My siblings are my favorite little minions. They irritate me to no end almost every moment of my life, but I wouldn’t want any other siblings as mine. They are funny and full of spunk. They are adventurous and ready to take life head on. They already are chasing after the Lord with all they can and continue to be an example to me in how they understand and desire to read the word. They are passionate in all they do, including tormenting me. Ethan is growing to be an awesome young man and learning so much of how to traverse this life. He’s annoying as all get out, but truly has a kind heart and desire to see people feel welcome. Gage is hilarious and is also growing up to be such an awesome person. He attracts people with his smile and has one of the biggest hearts, even since he was little, that I’ve ever seen in someone. Sophie also has the hale spunk and can be a handful, but is gorgeous and creative and loving. Luke is the most boy boy I’ve ever known. He’s always ready for the challenge and loves FIERCELY. Myla is her own pot of crazy and already at such a young age she is stunning. Ruby is my baby girl and loves to love. I can’t express how much my siblings are my favorite people.

These eight vessels of crazy are my eight vessels of crazy. The HaleHooligans. I love them so much and can’t wait to see how God uses my siblings as they move across the world and start changing it with their fierce love. I can’t wait to see the community my dad creates within the army and I can’t wait to see my mother challenge and push women to love the Lord more each day. So thankful I was born a Hale, and to anyone who is gonna be marrying into our family….good luck.

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