Culture of Honor

I’ve had this ring for six years, it needs to be resized and I have forgotten to see it as the symbol it was given as. I’ve gotten so used to it being around that I don’t even think to give thanks for what it is. I even set it on my father’s table at a point in my life when I wished to reject this gift and make it known that my heart was hardened to the love behind this ring.

There isn’t a picture of what I’ve been given that I’m most thankful for, so I use this ring as a symbol. Dad gave this to me as a symbol of his protection and honor until the day my husband takes this active role and I honestly haven’t appreciated it until now. But this ring, for me, also symbolizes the gift of the legacy my parents have given me growing up. They are people who cultivate an environment of honor and worship and I would have to say that’s what I’ve received that I’m most thankful for.

At the age of 13 I didn’t process the importance of what my father was promising in front of our friends and family. I didn’t understand or truly appreciate the syntament behind it. Looking back now I am so thankful that I have a father who would make that public declaration that he would actively protect and honor me until the day he gives me away. I’m thankful for this legacy they have given me. A legacy of worship and honor and one that I wish to carry into all aspects of my life.

I’ve taken for granted that environment I grew up in and still overlook the impact it has made on me. I’ve openly rejected this presence of worship and honor in my home. I’ve taken it and stomped on it repeatedly.

But as God stops me and causes me to reflect and be thankful, I am. Truly.

As I grow with God, the impact my parents have made with the environment they have cultivated continues to manifest itself in how I approach life. I actively want to honor and respect individuals in all aspects of my life, just as my dad has always brought a culture of honor to the table. I love to dance and worship and listen to crazy fun Jesus music, which I attribute to my mother. She was always dancing, still is, and making her declaration of love for the Lord through doing this.

So this ring doesn’t just symbolize that promise my dad made to me, it also symbolizes the legacy my parents have carried and poured out into my own life. To see it manifest in the ways it does now in my relationship with God is crazy cool to watch. His glory has been woven into the pattern of my family’s life in abundance and I am grateful for parents who pass down a culture of worship and honor within the way they approach life.

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