Content in a Restless City

This is a hard one.

I’ve been discontent in Houston almost since day 1. Picking UH was a decision made at a different time of my life and once I was here I had difficulty choosing gratefulness while being in a city I didn’t particularly enjoy.

But I am thankful for Houston. It has taught me what I want in life and pushed me to press into prayer about whether I should stay or not. It has brought me some great friends and holds some old friends and family as well. It pushes the bounds of my grateful spirit. It makes me press closer to God so as to find the beauty in it all. It has introduced me to an awesome church family while being here. It gave me a great job that funded plenty of eating out and travel expenses to and from home. It gives me endless glass city sunsets and sunrises.

There are so many beautiful little things that have come out of my time here in Houston and for that I’m so thankful.

I still struggle to be content in the mission field God has me in for this season. I still complain a lot and the city makes me feel restless and stressed when I focus too much on it. But God is still moving and doing great things within this restless city and I am so grateful I’m able to witness it all in this short amount of time.

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