When the Going Gets Tough

I am thankful for the enemy’s attempt to push me back down. I’m thankful for bouts of sickness right after gathering with students to start a culture of prayer. I’m thankful for feelings of discouragement. I’m thankful for all of these things because I know it means the enemy is getting scared about the path God has me on and the person I’m becoming as I draw closer to Christ.

Spiritual warfare is real. We get frustrated when our lives are interrupted and we are thrown off by fickle feelings. The enemy wants that! He wants you to be distracted by feelings of emptiness and how you can’t do it. And he’s right, you can’t do it! Only Christ can. Get out of the way and rejoice in times of interruption and uncertainty. Lean on Christ and the victory he has laid before you!

God has called me to an amazing destiny and I am radically loved by him. The simple fact of the matter is that the enemy is scared that I am seeing myself as the Lord sees me. He’s scared of the prayer culture God has called me to. He’s scared and grabbing at straws, trying to bring me back to places where I let my weakness and lack of happy feelings distract me until my eyes are no longer on the Lord. He’s trying and he was fighting, not only me, but the people around me this past week. He knows God is calling us to a greater purpose and we hear it and know it too.

So I will rejoice when my life is being shaken up! For I am never truly shaken with Jesus as my rock. I will press on and step up. It’s not by my own will, but Christ’s alone!

So bring it on Satan, try all you got. I owe you nothing for my God has paid the price!

“The Lord is my strength and my shield” Psalm 28:7

“I will not be shaken” Psalm 16:8

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