She Deserves the World

I remember the day we got the news that the Camerons lost their baby boy. I was ten. There was no comprehension of the pain they could or would be feeling. Four years later they almost lost baby Silas to the same condition. But they didn’t.

There are no words I have for who Jen Cameron is to my family, my mom, and myself. This woman has gone through hell and back again and has marched through it with joy that can only be from the Lord. The love she has for Silas and those around her radiates. She is a place of rest. She has known pain, seen it, felt it, and still praise comes from her mouth with determination.

She’s walked through all of this and still took time to walk with my mom in times of frustration. This woman deserves the world. She doesn’t take time for granted. She sits in the present and loves with everything she has. She is a warrior.

I don’t know the behind the scenes of her life, but I know that she forever inspires me. She is clothed with strength and dignity. She knows God in a way some of us will never know. She understands he holds time in his hands and that she is safe even in turmoil.

Here is a woman who went through hell and back again and still laughs. Still smiles. Still proclaims life. Still fights for her family through it all.

Jen Cameron, you truly inspire me. I won’t ever be able to express the mark you’ve left on me and my family’s life. Thank you for smiling and being thankful through it all.

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  1. Jen cameron says:

    I’m absolutely speechless!!! This means SO INCREDIBLY MUCH TO ME EMMA!!! I’m MOVED to literal tears!

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