Life is really simple, yet we insist on making it complicated. -Confucius

How true is this? How often do we find ourselves in a spot where we either feel anxious or empty, because we have gone so long overthinking aspects of our lives or tried to make things work in such a complicated manner?

Life is so full of simple moments and we miss them! We miss simple moments with people, simple moments with the Lord, and simple moments/things that bring us joy. We over-explain, over plan, over think, and rush past the simplicity that life holds.

Simple things in life that bring me joy:

  1. morning cup of coffee
  2. early mornings
  3. sitting outside
  4. moments to read
  5. catch up phone calls
  6. wildflowers
  7. people’s joy faces
  8. fun socks

And the list goes on!

Also, how often do we complicate our relationships with the Lord? Isn’t it supposed to be so simple? Love God, love others. AND THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING THANKFUL! I’ve written about this before: the significance of being thankful for what we have right now and the full life we live when doing so. There are so many beautiful and simple things we take for granted that God has created! And when did we assume we must start talking in Christian-ese; over-explaining God’s grace and love? Why do we extend it past being in communion with God and being who we were created to be in His love, letting this shine in our encounters with others?

So my friends, this was kind of all over the place, but take a moment, grab a cup of tea (or coffee, you coffee enthusiasts) and reevaluate your priorities. Talk to God! Look around and ask yourself what simple things bring you the most joy. Stop and smell those roses!

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  1. Jiwoon says:

    Ahhhhh, SO GOOOOD!
    I was just hearing yesterday about how we should be loving and sharing the gospel with people out of an explosion of joy. Because of the salvation that God so graciously gave to us. Because it bring us so much joy, we cannot help but spread the joy to others. Man, good stuff!
    I heart it! ❤


    1. Thanks love! You are such a grand example of this explosion of joy, thank you for pouring into my life and letting me bounce my thoughts off you! ❤


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