Look to Me and You’ll See Them

Without fail, people look at me and see both my parents. They say with confidence, “You look so much like your mom!” and the moment my dad comes around they are like “WAIT, no you look like your dad”. I laugh and agree because only God could have created such a balance between the two inside of me. This is so dear to my heart, that I would be a reflection of two incredible God-seeking individuals.

I take this for granted. That I not only have God-fearing parents, but that I even have two parents at all. I take for granted the impact of having both of them together as I grew up. One without the other and I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I take for granted the stability that two parents bring to the table. I wasn’t home during the time dad was gone, but seeing the stability he brought back to the home even in the time I visited this past week, rocked my boat. Both my parents come from homes of divorce, yet somehow I was blessed to grow up observing an awesome example of a Godly marriage.

I’ve taken this for granted for many years, not understanding what I have and how blessed I am. My world has been shaped in such a positive manner by having both these amazing individuals loving each other and desiring to point us back to Christ. I’ve been shaped by both my parents and can’t imagine what the imbalance may have been if I only had one.

Thanks God for blessing me beyond belief and thanks mom and dad for being awesome parents!

(Welcome back to the states pops!)fam

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