I Don’t Have Time

A quote recently popped up on my Pinterest feed and like so many other times before, it rocked my boat. (I swear sometimes God slips quotes in there to get my attention). The quote spoke of the way we choose to spend our time and instead of saying ‘I don’t have time for…(insert whatever task)’ we should try saying, ‘This isn’t a priority’ and see how that feels in retrospect.

When I read that quote, time slowed and I almost felt guilty for how much time I waste. I can’t count how many times I’ve said I don’t have time for something or how there aren’t enough hours in a day. In reality, I have the choice of how I spend an hour and so frequently do I throw away precious minutes out of pure laziness.

Though, after discussing it with close friends, a sense of freedom washed over me. The simple act of sitting in the morning and asking oneself what the priorities are for the day, sets one up to be intentional in how the day is spent. When my heart gets overwhelmed, I sit back and ask if what I’m spending my time on is the priority for the day. Frivolous things go to the back burner and in it’s place, bigger questions arise. Oddly enough, it’s brought me back to the mindset of daily surrender. Making priorities has led me back to the constant question of: do I want this day to go my way or God’s way.

So friends, I challenge you to change the way you think about time. Challenge the language you use and be intentional in these moments. You’ll be surprised at the way this changes your view on everything we tend to juggle.

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