Lies Revealed

I like running. I don’t like knee pain. When I was driving back to camp, I was thinking about the next day’s run and part of me whispered, “I don’t like running”. This is a lie, but it’s my first reaction based on the fact I experienced pain the last few times I ran. My body started to cultivate a knee jerk response (no pun intended) to a future workout because the idea of pain is attached to my past workouts.

This got me thinking about how often we do this in life; filtering our emotions and responses for future events through past experiences where we may have experienced pain.  We set up expectations based on what has happened to us. In doing so, it taints the way we may view something that hasn’t even happened and causing us to throw up walls in our hearts and mind in response.

I know that I am guilty of this myself. In these moments the enemy feeds on my fear for future interactions and future seasons of life. He expands on what I think to be true and feeds me line after line, until I almost convince myself of being undesirable or that people “see right through me” and judge my every action upon doing so.

This isn’t a way to live and when put next to the word of God the lies are revealed and freedom can be found. When the enemy attacks, it can become a battle of constant surrender and remembering to declare who God has called us to be. These lies bind us and left unchecked can cause more hurt than we may intend.

Sometime ago, someone once told me, “Hurt people, hurt people”. This couldn’t be more true in these moments! Without constant prayer and the reminder of who God has called us to be, the cycle of hurt never ends.

So friends, remember to line up your thoughts with God’s word (preaching to myself here as well) and give him the reigns when all you see is your pain. He has called us beloved and chosen. He has made us unique and full of heart and soul. Don’t forget this when you are up close and personal with your pain. Remember his goodness and rely on it fully!

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  1. Jiwoon says:

    Omg, Emma…
    I was literally thinking and praying about this on my way home from work today.
    I realized, as strange as it is, that at night, I become fearful, worried and anxious about the randomest things. But then I quickly realized that I was letting the darkness of the world get to me, and I began to start believing in the lies. In God’s Truth, there is no darkness. God is light and He is all things good: hope, joy, love, peace…
    Dang! This was good, girly! Let’s talk about it together soon!

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