Fierce Lady Friendships

I didn’t realize how great yelling into a lake could feel until this past week. Or how much I needed someone to go dance in the rain with me. Or that there would be people who would stop in the middle of a rant and proclaim, with great vigor, how much they desire to love Christ with all they have and show others this same love.

The summer has barely started and I’m already getting my socks blessed off by the community I’ve found here at camp. I’ve not only met some incredible friends so far, but I’ve also observed some amazing, God filled, fierce Lady friendships as well. Friendships that are full to the brim with great love, admiration, God, and sticking through the thick and thin.

Don’t get me wrong, the community here is incredible across the board-guys and girls- but these women in particular that I have grown close to definitely leave me in awe. They are the kind of friends that I look at and hope that others find friends as fiercely loyal as they are. They are the kind of friends that inspire me to love better and seek God in it all. These friends I have made are ones I desire to keep for a long time and it’s only the third week of camp!

This has been a blessing; to learn how to be in community and to do it well. To get the chance to observe what true fierce lady friendships look like from a bystander perspective and to also be welcomed with open arms and greeted as a lifelong friend amongst them. I can see God’s fingerprints in this and it leaves me breathless.

Thank you Lord for wonderful women seeking to find you in all things!

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