Magnificently Obsessed

I won’t be able to adequately explain what this year gave me, the beauty it has instilled in my life and the relationship that was built with Christ through it all. I wish I could give it justice by being able to describe the transformation in vivid detail and immerse you in everything I feel after coming to the end of it all. But I can’t and I’m coming to terms with it. Some of this year is easily explainable and other parts of it are simply indescribable. Some of what I have learned is visible to others and some of it I learned while sitting at the feet of Pappa and it isn’t as easily seen, but is definitely felt in vivid color.

Two days ago I celebrated! I celebrated the end of the year, all I had learned, and God’s absolute faithfulness in it all. I grabbed a cup of coffee and trekked my way up to the top of our academic building and rang in the morning by standing in His presence. There was no better way to celebrate! Everything about this sweet year with Him was encapsulated in those few hours I was blessed with. Stepping off that rooftop to meet the rest of the day, I felt radiant and powerful and beloved!

This year didn’t go as planned. There were moments I failed God drastically with my mindset and intentions. There were plenty of moments where I stressed myself out with unrealistic expectations of what this year really was or that I was to have it all together by a certain date. It was full of misdirection and frustration. But He never failed to meet me there, He constantly wooed me and revealed himself to me.

To find myself content still sitting in this chair one-on-one with Pappa, instead of looking for the love seat in life or even the family couch, puts me in awe of who He is! I entered this year restless and very much so subconsciously focused on these other seats in life. I had no idea how much this year would rearrange and shift my spiritual foundation. I had no idea that I would leave this year with true, on your face, surrender to everything He is and everything He desires. He rewired what I thought relationship looks like with Him and it has changed how I love Him, others, and life. This relationship is truly the spring where everything should flow from! {Check out my blog post about His love being our Template for Life!}

This year was like a seven second teaser trailer for a lifelong love story with Abba. I am hooked and I’m not looking back! I am standing tall, crowned with His radiant love, and running into the ocean of His presence with joyful abandon! Freedom is my middle name and you know I am dancing in these hallways, chains left far behind me.

This year was an overflow of His grace and love! It was a year of learning (and still learning) how to encamp in His presence and worship Him even when life is a little hectic. This year brought magnificent obsession in seeking Him and His hidden glory in all things. There is  fire in my soul that I won’t contain and I won’t control!

Thank you Pappa for your eternal pursuit! Here’s to a lifetime of falling in love with you!


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