Arms Stretched Wide

“Tell me why I want to fall to my knees in awe of the Lord right now, but part of me says no for who knows what reason!”

This is something my darling friend asked me after our escape to a nearby mountain top. Worship music playing and descending from the spectacular view we basked in moments ago, she spread her arms wide open and proclaimed, “Why do we let our reservations keep us from going all in with Christ? What is keeping me from living radically for Him right now?”. I smiled and simply said, “Do it”.

And it was beautiful! Trees towering above us and rocks underneath us, she fell to her knees and worshiped with joyful abandon. It was one of those moments you couldn’t help but spread your arms open wide and stand in awe of God’s goodness.

We aren’t supposed to leave unchanged. He calls us to be bold and to step out, yet there are so many opportunities to drop to our knees in praise or to sing His throne room down to the present that we overlook because of reservations we hold to individually. Others, whether believers or unbelievers, should be able to look into a day of our lives and see it painted in proclamations of Christ, drop to your knees worship, and prayer that isn’t pushed off to later.

Too often we ask to be consumed and set on fire for the Lord, but we don’t grab opportunities to let Him control the agenda. Life is too short to wonder what others think, to wonder what a life consumed by Christ looks like in action. We need to step out, to stop and praise, to be intentional, to look at creation and proclaim loud and proud “LOOK AT GOD GO”, and give all we have with whatever we have.

This relationship is supposed to turn us upside down, inside out, and frankly make us look crazy to others. Stop. Look around. If you wanna praise Him, DO IT. If you wanna pray for someone or something, DO IT. If you wanna drop to your knees in wonder, DO IT. If you want radical change when in relationship with Him you must abandon your fear of looking strange, abandon your pride or your feeling of lack. You must let go!

Stand up and step out, arms stretched wide and smile BECAUSE LOOK AT GOD GO! Extend grace and know that all you can give is your praise and your need and sometimes it’s only your need. Sometimes our praise gets caught in our throats by circumstances too heavy to carry, but God didn’t ask for perfection. He asked for your love and sometimes you can give 100% and other times you can only give 5%, but give that 5%! He is worthy of abandoning our selfish desires and reservations.

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