Answered Prayers

An open letter to Quads 29/31:

Friends, I am completely blessed by y’all! If I had a nickel for every time I thought of how thankful I am for y’all, I’d be able to pay off my student loans! If I had a flower for every time I was blessed by y’all’s friendship and joy, people would then be blessed by the most beautiful field of flowers in all of Lynchburg!

When I thought of college I saw it full of laughter, authentic community, and plenty of passing hellos when walking on campus. Then I went to UH and though I was blessed with a good experience and a good little group of friends, campus and hall community were essentially nonexistent.

When I decided on Liberty, I prayed fervently for good relationships in my immediate quad situation. I prayed for a small group of lifelong friends and that there would be pleasant interactions with people on my hall. (I was completely ignorant to the fact LU is totally centered on small groups and community). Notice these italicized words? I was simply asking for the bare minimum, scared to dream of other like-minded people who desired community as much as I did and do. These were simple prayers, small prayers, because I never expected to have this thriving, fulfilling, home-like community as I do now.

God was teaching me to be thankful and intentional with the people I was in community with at UH. He was teaching me to trust. And in all of this He was already working and preparing the community I would be so blessed to be a part of this year!

Liberty embodies what I dreamed of for college! Taylor wasn’t wrong when she said that it’s literally like camp all year long. This dorm of mine is full of laughter and open doors and (sometimes- ok, most times) chaos, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! You beautiful women of 29-3 are so full of genuine love and a passion for Christ, I am astounded and challenged every day by y’all! The involvement in hall events and the light y’all have for life, has blessed me for years to come.

AND MEN IN OUR BROTHER DORM: Y’all are gonna change the world! I have heard time and time again that the involvement y’all have with us, as your sister dorm, is unheard of. Y’all are supportive, God-fearing, and incredibly fun dudes! We are so blessed by y’all’s leadership and enthusiasm this year. Seriously, y’all are gems and we probably don’t tell y’all enough how blessed we truly are with y’all’s friendship!

I came in with no expectation of what this year would look like in the friend department. I simply walked in knowing that if anything I might be able to be a carrier of joy in any situation I would step in. My hope was to bring authentic community and I ended up receiving it in abundance!  This was a prayer deep in the corners of my heart that I couldn’t even put into words at times. BUT HERE WE ARE: the middle of our semester and I know that as a transfer student, integration and feeling loved by your immediate community is vastly important. And I feel this so greatly, THANKS TO Y’ALL!

So needless to say, y’all are an answer to prayers! I might not always say it or even be able to put it in words without wearing out the same old gratitude that I am overwhelmed with in this season, but know y’all are appreciated constantly. Y’all are loved and so dear to me. So thank you Quad fam! Y’all truly have shifted what college is for me.

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