Seasonal Beauty

Windows down, wind whipping half dried hair, worship music vibrating the frames of my bones, leaves drifting from half barren trees onto well worn pavement. This was a Sunday afternoon for me and in this small time zipping around mountain roads, I was reminded of our seasons in this life. I was reminded of the beauty God has instilled into each of them.

I know for myself, I can put so much pressure on where I stand now and where I could stand tomorrow; deciding life adventures, worrying away seasons I reside in currently, or simply forgetting that we do indeed even pass through seasons of life at all. After my year ended, I recognized this thought pattern of whether I must make this a lifelong label of singleness. I felt I must make a declaration and stick with it, but was also highly aware that God could change it in a heartbeat. Don’t get me wrong, I in fact was elated with the thought of being a mountain woman and creating a home for myself and all the beautiful things that come from being single. But this way of thinking felt like an “end all be all” statement with no allowance for movement and change.

I brought these thoughts before the Lord and almost immediately felt a peace that allowed for movement and change. I recognized quickly that whether or not this season was a lifelong one, it is simply a season. There is grace for things to change, there is allowance to stand firmly in who I am today, and there is surrender in letting God change things as He sees fit. Seeing all things through this lens of seasons (whether that be my spiritual life, my education, or my heart) keeps me so incredibly grounded in Truth.

Think about it for a second. Physically we have seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Though certain seasons may last longer or shorter than expected, they still happen without fail. Look at trees for example: depending on the season they will bloom in magnificent beauty, there is shade and growth, their leaves change and fall, and sometimes they are left with barren limbs and frozen ground. And sometimes there are trees that bloom year long, while others look to be absent of life. Yet, in whatever season, both trees are still rooted and alive.

We have this hope through Christ in whatever season we are in spiritually, mentally, or emotionally! That even in barren seasons, whether they be short or long, there is always budding and thriving seasons ahead. That when rooted in Christ, we are always full of life and are growing.

And just like the trees standing tall, messengers of what season is upon us, as are we to others! We are carriers of His life. When you are in seasons of abundant growth, evident life, and stunning beauty, it’s not only beauty for yourself but also for others to see and know that the Lord is good! Even when it looks as if you are barren and void of new beauty, the sheer fact you continue to root yourself in Christ is testament enough.

Be encouraged my friends, for there will always be someone in a similar season at a similar time as you. Just like there are times that it looks as if all four seasons are represented in one group of trees, we as individuals also represent different seasons simultaneously within our communities. Surround yourself with God fearing individuals in all seasons you find yourself in, so to be strengthened regardless of where you are at. Remember in it all YOU ARE STILL ROOTED!

I have learned to stop comparing my season of life and relationship with God to what others’ may look like. I am learning to rest in the knowledge of what God has done and is doing! I am blessed to be in season of growth, celebration, and holy joy; and learning to chase after this and the one who holds it. I have stopped feeling pressure from current declarations, knowing that God will change my heart and life plans in His time.

In all things, seek His kingdom first and you will have this confidence of being rooted in His truth with whatever you may face. Remember that even if you rest in a different season than those around you, that you can love them where they are at while being confident with where you are at. And most importantly, to those in dry seasons, have hope! God is still close and there are beautiful seasons ahead!

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