Without Resolution

It’s that time of year where everyone is found reflecting; looking at the beginning of the year compared to where we are now & remembering all that God has done. This year was one of thanksgiving, healing, & truly a “new” me. I know that is the typical cheesy saying when a new year hits, “New year, new me”, but this year truly encapsulated this saying. God brought broken pieces into the light & revealed aspects of His pursuit for my heart that I never understood or even thought of.

I gained friends. I lost friends. I learned the importance of being fully present & intentional with those around me. I was blessed with community that spurs me on towards Christ and came to understand the importance of this. {We are made in the image of community!} When I found myself sitting in indifference or was tempted to overlook the greatness of our Lord, I always found myself surrounded by community that challenged me to look at this life with new eyes.

I learned that there is great importance in calling past hurt & sin into the light- it causes the devil to flee and freedom to reign like wildfire! In that, I found healing with my parents and have come to be in awe of who they are together & who they are in Jesus. God’s love was shed in a whole new light as I stepped into renewed relationship with them; to see myself through the eyes of grace & redemption as I recalled so many moments my parents showed me grace in years past.

God continued to reveal his desire to redeem & restore and to bring about desires I had long forgotten about. He reminded me constantly of how big He truly is and how He has woven together everything in my life so much more intricately than I imagined. Because of this, I learned the importance of dwelling in His presence, sought to do so, and I know I will continue to do so for the rest of my life!

Amidst these revelations, and many others, I found my home in the mountains. I set up camp at Liberty and have experienced glorious sunrises, sunsets, family-like community, hours of worship, and so much more. I have learned that I see walls and see them as invitations, but have also started to learn the importance of sitting beside them and waiting on God to topple them over.

I welcome this new year, knowing that I did nothing to cause 2017 to be such a year of healing and establishment in my walk with Christ. I have made it a point to set no resolutions, no new goals to better myself, except to seek God’s presence in it all. I have no expectations, but wait with anticipation of all I know He is capable of doing. It’s all in His hands and I couldn’t be more at peace than I am now, without the typical resolutions or goals, knowing that He is all I want out of this year!

Abba, I belong to you!


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