Like Your Life Depends On It

None of this was mine to begin with.
So why do I hold so tightly? Why do I think I have any control? Why do I leave prayer at the wayside and wonder why nothing has changed? Why do I trample through this life with no regard to the fact that I am simply a guest in this temporary home?
When things do not go my way, I should pray. When I am blessed and overwhelmed by grace, I should pray. When giving advice or asking for wisdom, I should pray. When nothing seems to work, I should pray. My first weapon of choice, my first wall of defense, my first solution to anything should be prayer!
What an honor it is that we, the unfaithful Bride, get to speak to the most Holy King! What power our speech holds in the throne room of heaven! Yet, we forget the sacredness of such communion with our Creator. We forget the power we hold as sons and daughters. We forget time and time again this most precious gift of prayer we’ve been afforded. We forget!
I’m the first to say that I’ve used prayer as my last resource. I’ve come banging at the door of my Father, questioning why he hasn’t moved, why my best action steps have done nothing, but forget to fall on my face before Him in intercession as if my life depended on it; as if others’ lives depended on it! I’ve treated it with dishonor and have forgotten the gift I have of being able to speak, at any moment and anywhere, to my Savior.
If all you could do is pray, would you? If you knew lives were at stake, would you be quicker to fall to your knees and beg the Lord to move, beg him to give you words to speak, beg him to give you a heart for the ones forgotten? If you knew the power your prayer held, the heart of God you would get to know, and the gift you’ve truly received in this allowance to come before him so freely, would you be quicker to call on His name?
Then why don’t you?
This isn’t a game. This isn’t a trial run. This life is all we have. And we need to get serious; to lay aside our selfishness and worry and lay flat on our face before our King, begging him to reveal His kingdom here on earth. Jesus prayed-in fact he retreated in prayer! He sought his Father’s voice and communicated his sorrow, his heart, and his need for wisdom in how he lived here on earth. Then why don’t we?
He longs to hear your voice! He delights in knowing your heart. He has torn the veil between the most Holy of Holies, so that you may come and abide in him! Be careful not to cheapen this gift that so dearly cost Jesus his life. Draw close and call out! He is listening.

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