Where did you go?

Little towns

silhouetted mountains

sunrise after sunsets

mom & pops joints

loud laughter

cozy sweaters

freezing hands

hiking boots on mountain paths

fire in the night

gooey marshmallows on lips & fingertips

drowsy conversations

big life changes

brisk air

dreaming big dreams

yelling about Jesus

worn book pages


drowsiness felt in bones & lack of morning hours

scrambling to keep up


poured in and out

cold bubbly

Friends running in the background

“does this look good on me?”

“look at my fun socks”

yelling on mountains

apples on ground

windows down & music way too loud

dusk drives

off beaten path views

claustrophobic hammock sleeping

wind howling through trees

missed plans

chapters closed

late night snack excursions dressed in bathrobes & PJs

early morning 5ks

wild confidence

wind whipped hair

rock scraped hands

sun shining through mountain fog

middle of the week adventures

subs to go

“I don’t know”

long sleeves

Sunday afternoon routine

evening family facetime

open roads

middle school tours; “you should be a teacher”



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