Breath of Life

It’s more so this — instead of putting on this oxygen mask & being dependent on Christ daily, dependent on HIS breath like our lungs are not whole, it’s that we used to have this oxygen mask, carrying around the oxygen tank, this breath being our normal, clunky being our normal and we “thrived”. Others had broken lungs, we all were carrying oxygen tanks, and the reality that our lungs needed healing-needed replacement-left our mind. The wheezing, the chest pain, the stiffness of our routine became habit and we only knew manufactured air.


When Christ came to us, looked us in the eye with such love, offered healing & himself took off this oxygen mask-we were stunned. To breath fresh air, with the lungs we were given, what a miraculous and lifegiving gospel turn of events! No more clunk of the oxygen tank, no more tubes up our nose, the world around us came to life and we felt free.


I don’t know if you vividly remember this moment Jesus looked at you and said, “Give this to me”. I don’t know if you looked at your King and held tight to the clunkiness of your humanity, insisting your lungs were perfectly fine! or maybe you wept and told your King that you deserved broken life, broken breath, and couldn’t receive his healing. Maybe it scared you to let go of the things inhibiting freedom because they were your normal & to know anything else means you would have to surrender control. & maybe you took this oxygen mask off, breathed in this breath of LIFE, and reveled in the majesty of a divine King made oh so human just so that he could meet you in this place, here and now.


The reality is, this is not the way it was supposed to be. You were not meant to carry around the clunkiness of your humanity, bearing it with your own arms, living in a space where your lungs breathed a half life. He came to give us life and to have it abundantly. & sometimes we run back to the oxygen tank, back to what we know — but most often we get used to breathing normally, we wake up and are no longer left in wonder that it’s HIS breath in OUR lungs and we bypass the miracle, we forget it was never our own might that filled these lungs up.


It’s meant to be an everyday reminder, an every day surrender, a miracle that lays us flat before our King that we were reconciled to him before we even knew we needed saving. It’s meant to make us pause and praise him for the moment we wake up, lungs full of life, reminded that this day was made to glorify our Creator. That though we no longer carry the burden of our sin, of our heavy humanity before the eyes of Him, that we are still in need of His breath in our lungs. For it was always his miracle and this should forever ring in our ears! What a humbling life to live, what a wonderful love we have been given.

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